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Third Trimester

Body Changes | Self Care

Self Care

Make sure to continue for these last three months the healthy behaviors that you followed in the first trimester and second trimester. Many pregnant women feel great in their last trimester and still have lots of energy. But, your energy may lessen as you enter your 9th month and you may begin to slow down. This is completely normal. It's important to get enough rest now, even though it might seem difficult to sleep as you get larger. Your baby's stretching movements, having to urinate often, and an increase in your body's metabolism might interrupt or disturb your sleep. And, if you are having any leg cramping, this can affect your sleep as well. You might have a better night's sleep if you try to avoid eating large meals three hours before going to bed. You can also try some mild exercise like walking, which can help relieve stress and may improve sleep. Avoid long naps during the day. If you can't sleep because you are anxious about becoming a mother or about your labor and delivery, try talking with your partner or friends who've been through this before. You can also talk with your health care provider.

Weight Gain

Everyone gains weight at different rates, but on average, it is normal to gain about one pound per week, or three to four pounds per month, during this trimester. By the end of your pregnancy you should have gained, on average, about 25 to 30 pounds. About 7 1/2 pounds of that weight should be the baby.